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SAP Releases Managed Data Intelligence Service, Updates Analytics Tools

SAP’s cloud service updates will simplify development of AI-based solutions. Written by Jeffrey Schwartz September 30, 2019 SAP has gone live […]

10 mistakes to avoid with Cloud ERP

By DANIEL BRIGHTMORE  Jan 15, 2020 Cloud supply chain and manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provider, Rootstock Software, identifies ten common […]

8 ways ERP can help lead your digital transformation

Digital transformation is often associated with highly innovative technologies like predictive analytics, AI, and robotic process automation (RPA). Common business […]

The 5 most-critical ERP trends for 2020 and beyond

The cloud is the seedbed of the new technologies affecting ERP, including AI and IoT. It could soon lead to […]

ERP’s Defining Characteristics, and Why Your Business Can’t Live Without Them

By: Zach Hale on January 6, 2020 Defining enterprise resource planning (ERP) isn’t an easy task anymore. Gartner, which coined the term in 1990, […]

The Year Ahead for ERP: Top Influencers Predictions for 2020

December 17, 2019 by Elizabeth Quirk  What are the can’t miss ERP trends for 2020? Over the years, we’ve seen ERP software […]

3 Steps to Take When Your ERP Implementation Goes Wrong

Clear communication around deliverables and expectations can salvage even the most frustrating ERP implementations for distributors. December 17, 2019 Carl […]

Trend Toward End-To-End Supply Chain Planning With SAP IBP

More and more companies are seeking to support their future supply chain planning with a technology platform that integrates all […]

Can You Handle The Truth About Your SAP Software?

Not understanding the truth about your SAP systems can have serious business consequences. A recent survey conducted by Tricentis and […]

Oracle Plans To Ride ERP And Database To Greater Cloud Glory

Autonomous Database is ‘on its way to being the most successful new product introduction in our company’s history,’ Oracle Executive […]

5 Resolutions For A New Decade Of Opportunity For Midsize Businesses

By Meaghan Sullivan, Head of General Business and Global Partner Marketing, SAP Dec 11, 2019 Nothing beats the anticipation felt […]