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Little Haven

Goodbye Summer and hello Autumn! We’re still dreaming about summer here in Pembrokeshire. WHY GORILLA ERP? Gorilla ERP are experts […]

Pembrokeshire Coastline

WHY GORILLA ERP? Gorilla ERP are experts at placing resources into the world’s most innovative and challenging ERP projects. Get in […]

Milford Haven

What makes Gorilla ERP different? Well, for starters we are the only recruitment company in the whole of Pembrokeshire and the only ERP resource […]

Dial-up Dial-Down

Gorilla ERP understands the demand for resources can increase and decrease throughout the different project cycles. Find out how we’re […]

IBM Highlight Video

Following our recent posts, we’ve put together this video which highlights IBM’s 2019 Research Report, where 269 CIO’s share their […]